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How Do You Spell That? Better Safe – So Spell-check

What if you are away from your ususal word processor and have an article due? Or, imagine you are on the way to that critical job interview and suddenly you realize that one of the word you used looks wrong. Appearance is everything these days. One error and you can lose out on an opportunity. How can you turn in the best copy possible? Online spell check is the answer.
Most spellcheckers require a complicated process and can be unreliable. But there is one service that is simple to use. All you do is copy your text into the spellchecker and the service prints a report. No more wondering “how do you spell a word,” or rushing home to use the traditional word processor. Just fix and submit. You can even check the text for grammar errors with the same visit. It is better to be safe and present perfect copy all the time, even on the go.

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