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The Importance of Spell Check for Your Web Presence

In today’s world of virtual business and networking, anyone can publish a web site and establish an online presence. In fact, it’s often very important to do so in an effort to market your brand, your business or even yourself. Unfortunately, a simple misspelling can turn an otherwise and professional and intriguing site into something the visitor will avoid at all costs in the future. A blogger, for example, will find that his visitors look elsewhere for information rather than be distracted by constant misspellings in his writing. In order to keep those readers hooked, at a blog or any other site, a simple proof read and spell check before publishing is essential.
Due to the difficulty to convey tone and sophistication through text, it is all the more important to have spell check on your side while establishing your online presence. Articles or web sites which contain numerous spelling errors give the reader the impression that the author is uneducated or unprofessional. Clean, consistent spelling, however, suggests a well spoken and knowledgeable author. The trust and respect garnered by that knowledge would keep visitors coming back and improve the outlook for your site’s success.
Besides checking for common errors, such as substituting conceit for “conciet”, a spell check will look for consistency with either [British] English or American usage. If you are writing for a British native audience, colour is correct and color will appear inappropriate. Americans, however, will prefer theatre to theater and will frown upon a site that refers to an eighteen-wheeler as a lorry. The important part, however, is to remain consistent. There are specific rules in each language and interchanging them will distract and confuse your readers, prompting them to go elsewhere for content or mistrust your brand.
A spell check of your site involves such a small investment of time that the return on that investment will be substantial. The written content of your site accounts for a major percentage of your visitors’ first impression. Make that first and most important visit a great one with a simple spell check. Moreover, return visitors won’t encounter distractions from simple errors or variations in consistency and will therefore be able to delve deep into the writing and benefit from the real value of your site’s content.

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