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Efficient Online Spell Check for your Writing Convenience

Spell checking forms part of the routine processes undertaken before any written work is submitted. Whether it is a report, class assignment or proposal, any written document must be spell checked for accuracy before handing in.

Why spell-checking is important

Spelling mistakes in a document portray you in bad light, showing you to be careless, unprofessional and sloppy. These perceived traits can cost you marks in a school exam or test, a job, promotion, contract and other such important engagements.

Thankfully, you can use our online spell check to correct your written work and make it clear and easy to read.

Spell-check helps identify any misspelled words in a document and offers the correct word for each wrongly spelled word, ensuring that your document bears no spelling mistakes. This helps you come across as careful, professional and efficient.

Who can use the spell checker?

The spell checker is suitable for writers, copy writers, journalists, transcribers and all other professions where writing is part and parcel of the job.

You can also use our spell checker to check your writing before submitting a job application, CV, business proposal/plan for a grant and the like.

How do you spell check?

Our online spell check tool is very easy to use. Simply copy your written work and paste it on the given window. The system automatically highlights the words that need correction and gives the correct spelling.

If you are wondering, “How do you spell a word?”, type the word as you know it in the spell check window and the tool will give you the correct spelling. It is that simple.

Now you have no excuse for submitting poorly written documents anymore.

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