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Online Spelling Assistant

A thesaurus in spell check programs is a reference work which gives a list of words that are grouped together depending on the similarity of heir meaning. This list of words is known as synonyms and antonyms. The thesaurus differs from a dictionary in that it gives similar words while a dictionary provides definitions and pronunciations of the words in question. It is worth noting that the largest known thesaurus in the entire world in the Historical Thesaurus on the Oxford English Dictionary.

Not only does the thesaurus give a list of similar words, it further provides suggested words to replace the word in question and also shows parts of written speech that could use other words and phrases. Online spell check applications are many and most offer free thesaurus which also group the various words into categories and thus, easily provide further advanced suggested alternatives.

There are other spellchecker software and thesaurus or evaluators that add buttons that are easily accessible to assist the user.

How do you spell check? How do you spell a word? The dictionary for thesaurus available online is a realistic tool in technology today. Professional writers, students, business workers as well as teachers are a few of the many individuals and groups who use and benefit from these electronic paths to spellcheckers and thesaurus synonyms. In a world where communication fields are exponentially growing on emails, blogs, websites and promotional ads, users require to have proper writing skills that are sharpened and precise to remain in the respective competitive industries and to stand out from the increasing crowd. Thesaurus and spellcheckers enhance good writing in any field.

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